Anbio regards innovation as the soul of an enterprise, attaches great importance to cultivating and absorbing more advanced technical forces, adopts a variety of industry university research cooperation ways to maintain and expand the enterprise's innovation ability.

Anbio takes specific projects as the link, adopts technology transfer, joint R & D and other modes to establish cooperative relations with external enterprises. Centering on innovation technology creation and joint technology tackling, we establish corresponding industrial technology alliance with external enterprises and scientific research institutions to concentrate its advantages to realize industrial technology innovation, share risks and share interests.

The direction of technical cooperation includes but is not limited to:

● Biological materials

● Dry chemical assay

● Chemiluminescence assay

● Molecular diagnosis

Mode of cooperation includes but is not limited to

● Semi-manufactures processing

● Technology achievement incubation

If you have any cooperation intention, please feel free to contact us.