Stroke is a sudden and rapidly progressing disease of cerebral ischemia or cerebral hemorrhage. With the tremendous changes in lifestyle, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have rapidly increased. Cerebrovascular diseases have surpassed tumors and coronary heart disease, ranking first among the nation's death and disability. At present, the incidence rate is rising at a rate of nearly 9% per year. Cerebrovascular disease has caused huge economic losses to the state and society due to its high incidence rate, high recurrence rate, high disability rate, high mortality rate and increasing prevention and control costs.

Anbio integrated fluorescence immunoassay POCT products and established a professional design team can provide a series of cerebrovascular detection products for stroke medical institutions. Through rapid diagnosis, shorten the time from onset to treatment, significantly improve the treatment effect of stroke patients, reduce medical costs, improve the prognosis and quality of life of patients.

Using human whole blood sample, 15 minutes after reagent reaction, reading, rapid and accurate detection results. Shorten the time needed for diagnosis.

Immunofluorescence Analyzer   

S100-β Immunofluorescence Reagent