According to the requirement of hair trace drug detection, Anbio AF100 fluorescence immunoquantitative analyzer has established a set of methods for the detection of morphine, methamphetamine, ketamine, cocaine, ecstasy and other common drugs in human hair. Combined with the demand of hair drug sampling and testing on site, auxiliary items such as disinfection alcohol tablets, gloves, weighing paper, vehicle charging interface, etc. are equipped to form hair trace drug detection box, which is easy to operate and easy to carry.


[Application scenario]

On site hair sampling to avoid sample fraud; easy to carry, complete set, support vehicle charging, to meet the needs of external on-site drug control and anti drug work.

[Minimum detection]

The detection threshold of methamphetamine, morphine and ketamine shall not be less than 0.2ng/mg

[Testing speed]

Splitting and extracting drugs of hair in 60 seconds, and detecting content in 5 minutes.

[Volume & Weight]

< 270 * 240 * 140mm

< 2.5Kg